My mission

To prove that you’re photogenic, regardless of what you think. Great images are created with a combination of a photographer that knows how to direct and subjects who can take direction, so chances are if you feel like you aren’t photogenic it’s because you didn’t have the right person behind the camera. I aim to always be the right person behind the camera.

Professional Headshot Pricing

Individual Headshot Session

$245 Session fee

+ $250 per selected image

For this you will receive:

  • Unlimited studio shooting time (Sessions typically last 90 – 120 minutes)
  • Comprehensive prep guide that talks about hair & makeup, wardrobe, color theory, and tips to make the most out of your session
  • Post-session image review where we go through your images together
  • The cost for each image is $250 – Retouching included
  • Optional pro hair & makeup artist to attend the session (add one hour)

I don’t put a hard time limit on your session, we will work within the scope of your needs.

In one session we can shoot tighter shots (headshots) or go for some wider shots (portraits). If you also want to include outdoor shots, get in touch to discuss before booking.

Once we start, you will be coached on posing and expression (which is the core of a great headshot). I don’t go for fake smiles, or resting B face. Trust the process!

After (and during) the session we will be going through your images. I will give you my professional opinion, but you always have the final say in how many images you take home.

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Frequently asked questions

Don’t see your question? Give me a call! (630) 765-5829

At the end of the shoot we will sit down together to go through all of the images we took. I will help you narrow down the images with a few rounds of elimination. There will come a point where it will start to get more difficult to delete images. Usually around the top 20 images.
From there it is up to you to select which and how many of your favorite images you wish to purchase before you leave.
This puts you in complete control of the final cost depending on how many images you require. I don’t want you to pay for more than you need, and every person has different needs.

I try to get images to you within 3 days, but final images can take up to 14 days to complete.

Need it yesterday? Same day retouching can be added for $50 per image.

I’ve got you covered. Check out my headshot prep guide! <click

There’s only one rule – You have to love it! If you don’t like wearing it, you probably won’t like your pictures in it either.

Feel free to send me pictures of your options if you want some help and I can give you specific guidance.

Bring multiple clothing items so we have a variety to mix & match! If you don’t bring it, I can’t shoot it!

I offer collections of images that are priced lower than à la carte images.

Yes! I can get anything from head to toe.

Expect to be here for as little as 30 mins or as much as 3 hours. It highly depends what you’re looking to get. If you want hair & makeup, add an hour. In some cases, you can be in and out in under 30 minutes if we are short on time and need to get it done quick.

I take just about any type of payment method. Cash, Credit/Debit, Check, Zelle, Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, more.

I have a hair and makeup artist on call that will attend the session if you desire some pro pampering!

If you decide that you do not want a hair and makeup artist at the shoot, that’s OK! I will send you a guide after booking on how to prep your face for the shoot.

Absolutely! Contact me to reschedule your session.

If you don’t have the new date yet, that’s ok – we can pick a new date soon.

Call me and we can make it work!

Our studio is located at:

134 Hawkins Way, Geneva IL 60134

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